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This section focuses on the Equipment Lease & Finance industry.

It doesn't matter if your focus is End User, Vendor or a combination of the two, all things being equal, the Company with the best trained and the best equipped Sales Force is going to be one who wins. 

My job is to help you win!

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Vendor Management

What do Vendors want the most and what is the best way for you to earn their business?

End User Management

Finding, Selling and Closing business with clients who buy or use the Equipment.

Team Coaching & Sales Management

Training, Managing and Coaching a Team of Financial Sales Professionals.

Managing the Vendor Sales Cycle 

What are the steps necessary to get the first, fundable deal?  When an Equipment Vendor goes through the process of deciding who to work with, they go through a 7 step process. 

Learn how to save time and close more business by finding out where they are in that process and how you can get them to the point of using your services.

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How to Successfully Manage the End User Financing Sale

Let's be clear.  To an End User, financing is important but even more important is the equipment they want to use! 

Learn how to leverage this fact to successfully fund more business at a profitable price point 

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Team Coaching and Sales Management 

Now that the Team knows their stuff, how do you Coach, Motivate, and Inspire a Team to greatness?

The answer is a combination of both art and science.  And it starts with an understanding of both the Team and the individuals in it.

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